"Fat Pappa" KO - Deep Diver - 15'/20' - Pumpkin Bait Co

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DSF Custom Cranks - Fat Pappa KO Deep Diver  Our line of Square bills, medium divers, deep divers and suspending Jerk Baits are made with the highest quality blanks, hand painted by one of the best in the business; Pumpkin Bait Co. To top it off you select your hook from 3 premium brands in the industry. These baits are tried, tested, and tournament ready. 

  • SB 2.5 2/4 ft.
  • S/Crank SB 3/5 ft.
  • D65 Medium 7/11 ft.
  • 110 SP Jerk Bait (suspending)
  • 100% Custom Made
  • Highest Quality Components
  • Pumpkin Bait Co.
  • Trapper Tackle New EWG Short Shank
  • Mustad Ultra Point KVD Elite Short Shank  
  • Gamakatsu EWG Short Shank Magic Eye